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We soon found the Lions Park
located on the banks.

Our next destination was a free camp near Bundarra. We took the Bundarra Road out of Armidale which connects with Thunderbolts Way. We soon found the Lions Park which is located on the banks of the Gwydir River. This is a great free camp and one of the best we have come across.

Copeton Dam has a caravan park called Copeton Waters, but they wanted to charge a fee just to drive into the park to have a look, so we didn’t bother. Instead we drove up to the dam wall and admired the views across the dam and the engineering in the enormous spillway.


Hunter RMV is a brand which is both rugged and classy at the same time: high-end, but built for the wild. It may get some dirt and dust on the outside, but the inside remains luxurious, comfortable, and of the highest quality.

Like the RMVs themselves, the brand fears nothing. It uses big imagery, strong fonts, and a bold, uncompromising aesthetic with a masculine color palette.

brand Colors

Dark Olive Green

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RGB: 75, 83, 32
CMYK: 64/47/100/40

Near Black

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RGB: 51, 51, 51
CMYK: 69/63/62/58

Canvas Tan

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RGB: 216, 201, 155
CMYK: 16/17/44/0

Mojave Orange

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RGB: 189, 99, 47
CMYK: 20/70/96/7

White Smoke

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RGB: 245, 245, 244
CMYK: 3/2/2/0


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HEX 1:

RGB: 218, 218, 218
CMYK: 13/10/11/0




Hunter RMV uses a combination of Unica One and Open Sans for the majority of its typography, with occasional appearances by Maple (such as in the logo). Unica One is a strong font for headers, and Open Sans is a readable choice for paragraphs.
Unica One (Google Fonts)
Open Sans (Google Fonts)
Maple (TypeKit)

Design Anatomy

Hunter RMV's imagery inspires a sense of adventure. Wide-angle shots of epic wilderness, rugged scenery, and all varieties of terrain and weather communicate how versatile the RMVs are. Mountains, forests, deserts- water, sand, snow- Hunter RMV looks good among any of it, because that's exactly the types of environments they're made to be in.


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